Private and confidential coaching sessions.

Variety of methods that are always client-led to encourage increased personal awareness, positive and appropriate transformations of thought, emotions, and behaviours.

Practical ways of self development and courageous ways of working.

Zanzi offers life-changing benefits including; positive focus, increased energy levels and motivation, heightened clarity of thinking, improved competence levels, general confidence, stress free working environments, increased resilience, higher productivity levels, powers of concentration and inspiration.


Zanzi’s director can assess staff training needs, source and manage technical training and deliver staff development programmes.

Your company can benefit from the services of a highly qualified, experienced and professional Training Manager without the responsibility and expense of employing a member of staff.

You choose what hours and days suit your requirements for our flexible training partner service to deliver staff development training, source and manage technical training skills, or to perform a training and development needs assessment for your company.

Your business will benefit from increased productivity, improved customer service, enhanced company reputation, increased employee focus-values, communication skills, introducing a sense of synergy, increased competency levels, becoming more resilient, an implemented self-sustaining people strategy, reduced labour turnover & recruitment costs as well as future training and ultimate company succession.


Clients will be equipped with the skills and confidence to “trust their intuition”. By exploiting this innate and undervalued resource, alongside their logical and analytical skills, they are able to make better decisions and form better judgements. Our “Whole Brain Thinking” approach will extract all your teams potential.

Through learning and personal experience, a M-A-G-I-C programme has been designed, which transforms leadership and management performance by employing new, yet at the same time ancient skills.

A powerful and proven way for leaders and managers to sustain and grow their business in the contemporary world. It is the future and the past combined and a connection to a field of knowledge that transcends modern business practice.

Invaluable resources are available to everyone with our help. This enables professionals to access their inner ‘guidance system’ or ‘knowing’. As a result this will enhance their performance in new and unexpected ways toward the achievement of a company’s objectives, profit and ultimate success.

This will be of huge benefit to all team members who need to think creatively, solve problems, make decisions, take risks, make judgements, lead and manage others, plan strategically, think analytically and manage change.

Intuitive Intelligence combines ancient sources of wisdom with proven methods of training, coaching and mentoring.

This programme lifts individuals into a new dimension, enabling innovative and creative answers to flow.

We assess each individual and companies needs with the clients themselves to help deliver the leaders of the future in the present.


A unique and successful way to transform your life and help boost confidence, personal goals and or achievements, change career as well as finding a life purpose.

The unique and personalised process:

1) Mindfulness – become very conscious of all aspects of yourself

2) Awareness – be aware of the emotions and feelings behind your actions

3) Goals – meaningful, tangible and personal goals that you can visualise and feel

4) Intuition – access your intuition and sense the right way to go

5) Choices – do it your way with commitment

This programme may involve activities you haven’t tried before, but they work! It is a Intuitive training, coaching or mentoring programme committed to achieving magnificent results. 

We deliver these goals and so much more, for business leaders, teams and individuals in both the corporate and private sectors.


Conflict Management

This course helps delegates to understand their own conflict style and to recognise the conflict style of others. Delegates then learn how to assess conflict situations and how to employ different modes of conduct to defuse conflict situations.

Disciplinary Training

This course helps delegates to understand their Company’s disciplinary policies. Delegates learn how to conduct effective disciplinary interviews.

Difficult Conversations

This course helps delegates to understand the benefits of effective feedback, and the different models for giving feedback for poor performance and good performance. Delegates learn how to prepare to give feedback, how to receive feedback openly and how to give constructive feedback.

Giving Appraisals

This course helps delegates to understand the purpose and structure of a Performance Review. Delegates learn how to prepare to carry out an effective Performance Review and understand and demonstrate the skills involved in conducting Performance Reviews in an honest, constructive and motivational way. Delegates also gain an understanding of the SMART Goal setting process and learn how to give constructive feedback to both poor and good performers.

Interviewing Skills

This course helps delegates to understand how an interview should be structured in order to get the best from their interviewee. Delegates learn how to prepare, structure and conduct interviews and practise and develop key interviewing skills.


A series of ‘face to face’, online or telephone sessions for personal work as required to fulfil your objectives, clear obstacles, discover talent, build confidence or develop knowledge to enable an individual to take control of their work role. It is a wise investment.

We provide a relevant blend of honest conversations, training, creative activities, feedback and practical challenges, clarification of visions, improved leadership skills, enhanced personal effectiveness, increased productivity and ultimately your overall contentment about who you are and what your doing in the present time.

This service is not for the faint hearted. It is a robust, honest and meaningful process for anyone serious about their personal development and business success, open minded and with a strong desire to be the protagonist in their current life.

Our mentoring services are flexible, personal, professional, poignant and very rewarding for dedicated team members. They are a necessity for individuals affected by reduced labour skills and under pressure.


Assertiveness and Self Confidence

This course helps delegates to understand the three key behaviour styles – passive, aggressive and assertive – to understand their own behaviour style, to demonstrate Assertive techniques and increase self-confidence.

Coaching Skills

This course helps delegates to understand the role of coaching in the workplace, to explore coaching as a mindset and to learn how to conduct an effective coaching session.

Communication Skills

This course helps delegates to understand the core Communication skills of Active Listening and Asking the Right Questions, to recognise that actions speak louder than words and to behave consciously to build rapport.

Creative Thinking

This course helps delegates to understand what creative thinking is all about and how creative thinking can enhance and improve decision making, problem solving, systems and processes. Delegates learn how to access their creative thinking capabilities through a range of activities.

Customer Service

This course helps delegates to understand who their customers are, internal and external, and the benefits to their Company of good Customer Service. Delegates learn the core skills of Customer Service and how to manage customer complaints professionally.

Goal Setting

This course helps delegates to define their current personal/career goals, and the SMART Goal Setting process. Delegates learn how to apply the SMART Goal Setting criteria to activities in the workplace.

One to One and/or Group Training Skills

This course helps delegates to understand how people learn, and how this information can be used when planning and carrying out training sessions. Delegates learn how to define the key stages in structuring a training session, how key skills and effective visual aids can impact on the success of a training session and how to maintain interest in training sessions. At the end of the course delegates will demonstrate a formal training session using appropriate skills.

Personal Development Planning

This course helps delegates to reflect consciously on their own skills and behaviours, and on past successes and struggles. Delegates learn how to get feedback from customers or other team members in a straightforward manner,  how to review their personal interests both in and out of work, and how to benchmark themselves against other people, competitors, books, job profiles etc. They are then able to consider changing skill requirements of current or future roles.

Presentation Skills

This course helps delegates to understand how to deliver an effective presentation, through preparation, adopting the most appropriate style and content for different groups, and making the best use of information, materials, and resources, and above all, themselves! At the end of the course delegates are able to propose action or give information confidently and persuasively to a group.

Time Management/Personal Organisation

This course helps delegates to understand their “time management type” and how to resolve issues generated by this. Delegates learn how to identify their own personal work practices so as to successfully organise themselves, how to prioritise tasks and allocate time, and how to use positive communication skills and assertive behaviours to drive the desired outcome. Delegates are challenged to determine the difference between efficiency and effectiveness, in particular in relation to business goals and objectives, and to explore delegation skills to ensure that tasks are completed to the required standard and to deadlines.


High Performing Teams

This course helps delegates to understand what a ‘High Performing Team’ looks like. Delegates learn how to select a team member and how to identify barriers to team effectiveness. They also learn a number of team building activities.

Managing and Motivating a Team

This course helps delegates to understand the difference between Managers/ Leaders and how to apply appropriate management/ leadership behaviours towards individuals and teams. Delegates gain an increased awareness of their own personal management style and an understanding of the Key Motivators to team members.

Managing Meetings

This course helps delegates to understand the role of a “meeting leader” and how to use different leadership styles to maximise the meeting’s effectiveness. Delegates learn how to set clear meeting objectives and how to establish guidelines for the preparation and structure of the meeting, and for effective participation.

Managing Change

This course helps delegates to understand the impact of change on themselves and team members within the workplace. Delegates learn different processes for managing change effectively and how to determine the appropriate tools for overcoming resistance to change.


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