Zanzi are pleased to offer our new “Your Training Academy” service.

With this service your company can benefit from the services of an experienced and highly professional Training Manager without the responsibility and expense of employing a member of staff.

With “Your Training Academy” you can choose to have the services of a learning and development professional for as many days per month as you wish (from half a day)

“Your Training Academy” can:

  • Perform a Training and Development needs assessment for your company
  • Deliver staff development training
  • Source and manage technical skills training

“Your Training Academy” can benefit your Company in many ways including:

  • Increased productivity
  • Improved Customer Service
  • Enhanced Company reputation
  • Increased employee focus – values, mission statement, processes etc.
  • Improved communication within the Company
  • Bringing a sense of community and synergy
  • Increased competency levels
  • Becoming more professional
  • Being more resilient
  • Implementing a self-sustaining people strategy
  • Reducing labour turnover and recruitment costs
  • Planning for Company  succession
  • Training for the future

With over 15 years experience encompassing Operational Management, Human Resources  Management, Training and Coaching, Sandra is ideally placed to provide your company with an outstanding Training Academy.

If you want to be the best you can – train with Zanzi